To start using Indoorway, you need to configure your first application. This process can be done in the Applications section on the Access page.

Add a new application

To add a new application, use the Create new application panel. You need to enter its name.

Next, you will be asked what permissions to maps will be granted to this application. You can also select the option to grant access to all current and future maps.

Location sharing

By default, Indoorway does not provide any location data for users of the same application. However, this can be changed by selecting the Enable location sharing option. Be sure to check local legal requirements for user location sharing.

Application tokens

Once the application is successfully created, it will appear in the list of available locations. Additionally, a unique authorization token will be generated for Android Android and iOS SDKs.

Token removal

It is possible to remove the token at any time, but it is recommended to use this option only as a last resort. Applications that use this token will stop running immediately. This process cannot be reversed.

QR codes

For your convenience, we have we have enabled generating QR codes from the application list. You may log in to some applications or demonstration applications with the generated QR code instead of writing the code into the application login window.