How to install and configure beacons for Indoorway?

Beacons configuration

In order to start using Indoorway micro-location tool, you need to configure beacons and adjust them to Indoorway’s requirements. To do it, you have to:

  • Enable beacons to send packets in Eddystone and iBeacon standards simultaneously.


iBeacon packets are only needed for iOS background location, so if you are not planing to use it you do not have to configure this protocol

  • Enable iBeacon packet and set its UUID to: “5d060e0d-8b16-43eb-83e7-68d40cc36e99”, minor and major can be arbitrary numbers.
  • Enable Eddystone packet and set its NAMESPACE to “1834758b8853d3cc8107” and INSTANCE ID to different value for every beacon
  • Set tx power to 5 or -4 dBm.
  • Set advertisement interval to value in range between 100 ms and 500 ms. Lower value usually means better accuracy and heavier battery usage. We advice to set it to approximately 300 ms.

When setting a location also remember that:

  • Indoorway beacons are configured automatically. There’s no need to set and adjust them manually. All you need to do is putting them in right spots in your location.
  • In case of any problems with configuration, you should contact the producer of your beacons.

Installing beacons in your venue

Correct deployment of beacons in physical spaces optimizes the performance of Indoorway. To ensure maximum effectiveness and accuracy, please follow our tips on how to position your beacons:

  • The best accuracy is achieved when all the beacons (or as many as possible) are in the field of vision of a tracked mobile device.
  • Usually beacons have to be installed on the walls at the height of approximately 2 meters.
  • Avoid installing beacons on metal surfaces, because it can cause distortions in radio signal emitted by beacons.
  • Beacons should not be covered by anything, especially by metal.
  • If it’s possible, there should be at least one beacon for each confined space.
  • When setting a location, install one beacon for every 60 square meters.
  • Beacons should be spread evenly across the location.
  • As an analogy, think of beacons as of little sources of light. The aim of installing beacons is to “illuminate” as much space as possible. However, in case of beacons you can think of thin walls as of semi transparent barriers.