Life cycle of a map

A map can be saved in four different modes: Snapshot, Draft, Done and Active. Each option is versioned. Read the descriptions below to find out the differences between these modes.


A plan saved temporarily in the background. It serves as a backup copy in case of a browser failure or a problem with internet connection. If such issues occur, the page can be refreshed and the Map Creator will automatically load the latest available snapshot. Snapshots are not saved in the archive of space plans.


A plan saved on a server by using a Save as Draft option on the toolbar menu of the Map Creator. Drafts do not appear in the analytical dashboard or measuring apps. If it is the only or the latest version of a given plan, a draft is listed in the archive of space plans.


A plan saved through the use of Finish button situated on the menu at the top of the Map Creator. A saved plan appears as “available for measurements” in measuring apps, but it is not available for client’s apps.
Such differentiation enables splitting the process of implementing changes. Previous versions, which are marked as Old, can be uploaded from the list of space plans. Creating such a variant removes older Drafts.


It is a plan available for clients’ apps. If a radio map of a building has not been created (or if it has been partly completed), the app will ask to approve this version on a plan.