Users & Roles

At Indoorway, you can add sub-accounts to your associates. To configure them, go to the Users and Roles section at the Access page.

Create a new user

You can create a new sub-account using the New user panel. You will need to provide a username, email address and password. The user will be able then to change the password in the Settings panel.

Each account must have a role assigned.


Immediately after registering, the creator of the first account becomes an admin. As the admin you can assign several different roles to other users:

  • Admin - the main role, with the highest level of access,
  • Analyst - a role for dealing with data processing only,
  • Editor - a role for users involved in mapping,
  • Manager - a combination of the two roles above.

The default roles cannot be deleted. However, the administrator can configure a new role, according to the policy of his organization.